Ute Tipper Kits Rationale & Selection


Convert any known tray top Ute into a Tipper with this DIY Kit!

Do you want to dump your load by hand, or by simply pressing a button?
Is it safer to get up on your tray to remove your load, bend your back from the ground with a shovel or operate a remote control from a safe distance, standing on the ground?
Do you want it to comply with all State Road Authorities?

  • Unload Quicker
  • Unload Safer
  • Unload without breaking your back
  • Add value to your vehicle


Just choose from two sizes and the full frame can be mounted onto any chassis:

  • Twin Cab or Extra Cab vehicles with tray lengths of 1.5 – 2m with load capacity to 1.5 ton
  • Single Cab vehicles with tray lengths from 2 – 2.65m with load capacity up to 2 ton

This is possible because of:

  • Flexible mounting cross rails
  • The hydraulic cylinder being contained within the frame
  • Extendable Frame Arms
  •  The intelligent crank hinge

You can select either of the two types of kits: 

  • A Basic Kit provides the main structural frame and the hydraulics
  • The Premium Kit includes all the mounting components and electrical equipment for a complete installation, guided by the comprehensive manual