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Hi Jeff,

Successfully installed the tipper kit and I am extremely satisfied with the product. Very easy to install with the use of limited tools. I mentioned to you before give me timber and I can build you anything, but when it comes to steel I am useless. This I found easy, really well thought out on your part Jeff. Tipper kits have taken out the guess work and have written instructions that are easy to follow written in a way that makes a lot of sense you can actually see the process in your mind as you read.

I read the instructions the night before I was ready to install and didn’t need to refer to them during the process other than the connecting of the hydraulic hoses to make sure that I was connecting them to the correct ports and the electrical wiring. Anybody considering buying a ute today should really consider adding a tipper kit to their vehicle a really good investment, just makes a versatile vehicle like a ute that bit more versatile.

Jeff I do plan on keeping my ute for a very long time it cost me a lot of money, but I know if I do decide to update one day I will definitely be purchasing another Tipper kit off you and I hope that I can convince other people to purchase a Tipper kit conversion off you, its money well spent and good quality product. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish you and all the people and your product at Tipper kits all the best success in the present and future.

Thanks, Dave M.

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